"Catalogue" Series

Catalogue is a series of 16mm films and videos that consider the time it takes to look at desirable objects; in this case, the objects for sale in a mainstream furniture catalogue. The catalogue presents desaturated photographs of staged rooms shot and printed to resemble sets for film-noir era movies and this mediation of reality functions to increase the objects' desirability. In these representations, designer furniture copies are indistinguishable from the original pieces. Each film takes one volume of the 13-volume mail order catalogue as its subject.

Catalogue was an Official Selection of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival; 2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival; 2014 EXiS Experimental Film Festival (Seoul, South Korea); Antimatter Film Festival 2014 (Victoria, Canada); Cairo Video Festival, Timishort Festival (Timisoara, Romania); Filmmakers Festival (Milan); AXWFF (New York City); Onion City Experimental Film Festival (Chicago), Northwest Film Forum (Seattle), Experiments in Cinema (Albuquerque), Internationales Frauenfilmfestival (Dortmund | Koln); LaborBerlin, (Berlin); Another Experimental Film Festival by Women (Anthology Film Archives NYC); Motivate Underground Film Festival (Harrisburg, PA)

Catalogue Vol. 2: Antimatter Festival 2015 (Victoria, Canada); EXiS Experimental Film Festival 2016 (Seoul, South Korea); Experiments in Cinema Festival 2016 (Albuquerque); Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image (New York); Alchemy Film Festival 2017 (Warick, Scotland).

Catalogue Vol. 3: 2016 Crossroads Film Festival, San Francisco; 2017 Alchemy Film Festival 2017 (Warick, Scotland).

Catalogue Vol. 4: Antimatter [Media Art], Victoria Canada; 2017 Alchemy Film Festival 2017 (Warick, Scotland)

Catalogue Vol. 6: Alchemy Film Festival 2017 (Warick, Scotland); Rencontres Internationales (Paris); Experiments in Cinema Festival v12.3 (Albuquerque); Deluge Contemporary Art Gallery, Victoria BC Canada; Rencontres Internationales Festival (Berlin); Tabor Film Festival (Croatia)

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